Episode 1

Zeta 21st - 101:04

Zeta 21st - 1

I'm just starting to make my very own Advance Wars sprite series thanks to the inspiration of other videos. Thanks Gemstonehelix!

Episdoe 2

Zeta 21st -201:38

Zeta 21st -2

This is my second sprite video I just made, sorry if it's a little sloppy

Episode 3

Zeta 21st - 301:21

Zeta 21st - 3

Yeah my summer's pretty boring, so why not spent it making something cool?

Episode 4

Zeta 21st - 401:35

Zeta 21st - 4

Sorry this one's a little short, started to add some animations, are they any good by the way? Lol

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