Episode 1

Rail's unit103:05

Rail's unit1

Episode 2

Rail's unit203:04

Rail's unit2

1 hour later on Giga Land and weard stuff happens.

Episode 3

Rail's unit303:46

Rail's unit3

Episode 4

Rail's unit402:42

Rail's unit4

Episode 5

Rail's unit503:20

Rail's unit5

Advance wars fans be prepaired for the moment we've all been waiting for.

Episode 6

Rail's unit603:17

Rail's unit6

Not too funny. Was depresed makeing it.

Episode 7 (Bonus 1)

Rail's unit 705:20

Rail's unit 7

Episode 8

Rail's unit808:37

Rail's unit8

Rail's a P.O.W.

Episode 9

Rail's Unit903:17

Rail's Unit9

a branch in the saga

Episode 10

Rail's unit 1004:38

Rail's unit 10

Rail is t his lowest and highest.

Episode 11

Rail's unit 1103:17

Rail's unit 11

Rail and Muffins get out and get home. Now before any one gets a cow,

Bonus 2

Rail's Unit Christmas03:59

Rail's Unit Christmas

Bonus 3

For those who care..00:39

For those who care...

Episode 12

Rail's Unit 1203:08

Rail's Unit 12

Not the one I wanted to do for this one but it work.

Bonus 4

Sprite Animation Test 100:57

Sprite Animation Test 1

I did this as an animation test of the sprites I made useing MS Paint and MS Movie Maker.

Bonus 5

Rail's Unit Short Christmas01:01

Rail's Unit Short Christmas


Episode 13

Rail's Unit 1305:29

Rail's Unit 13


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