Episode 1

Hurricane squad 105:34

Hurricane squad 1

hurricane squad forms, and goes on thier first mission! but a bad map makes predictable events slightly less guessable...

Episode 2

Hurricane squad 202:48

Hurricane squad 2

so its scatterbrained. oh well. i am sooooo bad at voiceovers.

instead of continueing the adventure, hurricane squad watches a movie on nothing

Episode 3

Hurricane squad 310:27

Hurricane squad 3

this one is a plot one, where hurricane squad is running from nell and gemstonehelix, and eventually pass through yellow comet to get to green earth. they eventually meet some allies of olde'...

Episode 4 (Bonus 1)

Hurricane squad 402:09

Hurricane squad 4

when you type in "hurricane s" hurricane squad 4 comes up as a suggestion!

Bonus 2

Hurricane squad 401:15

Hurricane squad 4.5

dont wanna count this one as a real number since its so poorly done (made in 30 minutes) and stupid. i did this for school and figured i might as well upload the thing.

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